The Crowning is Here to ‘Stay’

Hear The Crowning’s new single, “Stay,” when the band joins us on The Quinn Spinn next Monday, August 28 at 7 p.m., only on WLVU: The Sound of the Underground.

Artist: The Crowning
Song: Stay
Release Date: August 30, 2017
Genre: Rock

Stroudsburg newcomers The Crowning are preparing to burst onto the scene in eastern Pennsylvania, and they have chosen to begin their journey with “Stay,” a single that builds to burst out of your speakers.

The first verse of “Stay” is marked by a gentle guitar intro that supports the somber baritone vocal of frontman Micah Martin. Still, even in these tender early moments, a listener gets the sense of simmering tension, and the feeling that this is all leading somewhere bigger.

That feeling is enhanced when Walter Lee’s powerful drums kick in, bubbling to the surface to begin the second verse before tapering off to simmer. Still, a sense of anticipation remains present, as it relates to the song’s approaching culmination.

Finally, we get a powerful payoff shortly after the two-minute mark, heading into full-fledged rock anthem territory, complete with a powerful vocal melody, thunderous percussion, and heavy guitars that give this once-tender song a hard edge.

In building us up to this moment, The Crowning has made a statement right off the bat with “Stay” by showcasing a penchant for balladry and intense alternative rock, all in the span of four dynamic minutes.

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