The Mysterious Mr. Grimm Goes to One Centre Square

Photo credit: Andrew Zastko Photography

The following is an account of VICTIM and Another Day Dawns’ show at Easton’s One Centre Square on Friday, August 18, received in a mysterious email from someone who referred to himself only as “Mr. Grimm.” We enjoyed the mysterious Mr. Grimm’s account of the evening, so we decided to give it a whirl here on LVU. Let us know what you think!

When I go to a show, I like to be the person who sits in the back or stands against the wall. Preferably as close to the bar as possible, if possible.

What started out as a rainy Friday in Easton soon turned into a fantastic, clear night with its downtown area abuzz with the local nightlife. While there is much to do at night in Easton, I was there for one thing only: to check out a new venue I had never been to called One Centre Square, and to catch the double bill of Another Day Dawns and VICTIM.

Getting in was no hassle as the doorman asked for the $5 cover. I fished it out, and he took it with a smile — not the intimidating asshole vibe you’d expect at a rock club. “Not bad,” I told myself, as I walked in to the front part of the venue. I passed through the two doors, which led into the main stage area. It seemed like a good turnout, and after I waited to get my beverage, I took my usual spot from a good vantage point to watch the bands and the crowd. I’m not really here to review the club itself, so i’ll get right to the point.

Rock is NOT dead.

First up was VICTIM. I’ve heard a few things about these guys and their crazy shows, so I was eager to see what all the hubbub was about. From the first song of snarling guitars, thumping bass and drums, and the entrance of lead singer Cris Moser, I was transported back into a weird clash of 80’s sleaze metal mixed with a Kid Rock vibe. All in a good way.

From their first to last song, VICTIM entertained the crowd with their all original set. The audience — who obviously knew the words to the tunes, as they sang back the songs every time Cris pointed his mic at them — were clearly having the time of their lives. I was thoroughly entertained by Cris’ shenanigans and stage antics, and the rest of the band was clearly having an epic time onstage, and it showed. VICTIM has a great rapport with their fans, and you could feel the love and support from start to finish. No shoe gazers allowed.

After VICTIM’s set, the fans and family of Another Day Dawns crowded the stage awaiting their entrance. Coming out with all pistons turning, ADD slammed right into some of their heavier tunes to give their fans what they wanted. Their sound reminded me a lot of all of the 90’s grunge bands with a bit of a modern metal edge. Lead singer Dakota McGeehan was giving it 100 percent, in between flipping his long, thick hair back and using a voice reminiscent of the love child of Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain.

You could tell the band has been busy by how tight their sound and arrangements were. They played a few covers in between their originals, as well, and went at every tune taking no prisoners.

There are all kinds of bands in the Lehigh Valley, on all kinds of levels, which is what makes this music scene so interesting. I was satisfied that I got to experience this facet of it. If you like no nonsense, in-your-face rock, I recommend seeing VICTIM and Another Day Dawns. Thank you, VICTIM and ADD, for bringing me back to worship at the Altar of Rock!

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