Review: Doubting Thomas – Mental War

Artist: Doubting Thomas
Album: Mental War
Released: March 15, 2017
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock

Lehigh Valley rockers Doubting Thomas came back with a vengeance earlier this year with “Mental War,” a 10-track volume full of big hooks spread across a healthy mix of octane and sentiment.

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Starting us off is the title track, “Mental War,” which features a catchy chorus, crisp harmonies, and slow, plodding groove reminiscent of Godsmack’s “Voodoo.” Other early highlights are “Walk Alone,” which features lead guitar work from Larry Werner that emotes well and keeps a listener hanging on every note., and the dynamic, intense “Shattered Dream” that hands lead axe duties off to Ben Guiles.

Frontman Bryn Duffield shines on much of the album, with his performance on the album’s softer moments standing out in particular. “Setting of the Sun,” which features gentle keys from the renowned Tommy Zito, contains a sing-along melody that is sure to bring out the lighters at a live show. “Highway” follows that track well, with a subtle pop rock sensibility that is sure to appeal to a mass audience.

Listen to “Mental War” below!

Track listing:
Mental War
For You
Walk Alone
Shattered Ream
Setting of the Sun
So Lonely
Back to You

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