LVU Wants to Know: What Are You Looking Forward to This Fall?

Summer isn’t over yet — we still have the epic start to a new era of First Friday in South Bethlehem to kick off Labor Day weekend, after all. However, the temperatures are getting slightly cooler, the days are just a bit shorter, and it’s undeniable: summer is winding down.

Of course, we aren’t worried, because we can take comfort in knowing that there are plenty of good times still to come in the latter stages of 2017. There are still a number of festivals set to take place, in addition to the live music that populates our local venues on a nightly basis.

But, as we prepare to send summer off in style, it’s time to think about what we’ll look to preview and highlight this fall. That’s where we want your help.

Whether it’s a festival, a big show, or just a relaxed night out on the town, tell us: What should we have our eyes (and ears) on this fall?

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