Review: Brandon Bors – Blush

Artist: Brandon Bors
Song: Blush
Released: Sept. 11, 2017
Genre: Acoustic Rock

Allentown’s Brandon Bors is preparing to release his EP, “Leave Me the Way You Found Me,” and has given us an emotional preview with its first single, “Blush.”

“Blush” addresses the slow and painful end of a relationship where both parties have hung on, despite the apparent mutual feeling that things have run their course. The lyrics paint a picture of internal conflict; one where the singer-songwriter laments being unable to justify continuing to build something headed for disaster.

Musically, Bors’ guitar alternates between pensive and powerful, dynamically shifting in a way akin to the waves of emotions felt at the end of a relationship. The singer-songwriter supports that with one of the more noteworthy and commanding vocal performances on any local release in recent memory, delivering the anguish that those who have loved and lost know all too well.

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