Review: Church Girls – Hidalgo

Artist: Church Girls
Album: Hidalgo
Released: Sept. 15, 2017
Genre: Alternative

Philadelphia indie rock quartet Church Girls have been looking forward to the release of their album, “Hidalgo,” for quite a while. Upon a first listen, it’s easy to hear why. These 11 tracks of dreamy, new wave-fused alt-rock comprise a strong effort, complete with the shimmering ambiance that gives this band its unique place in the indie landscape.

There is no shortage of killer basslines on “Hidalgo,” which we already noted on album single, “Breaking Bones.” The strong work of bassist Will Schwarz provides some fun groove to a mid-tempo track like “Deserve,” but also creates a pensive undertone on penultimate track, “Regression.”

“Hidalgo” also contains quite a few noteworthy guitar moments, with Robert Dwyer’s fuzzy work on “Glass” coming to mind immediately. Listeners might also find themselves hanging onto every tone of Dwyer’s soulful performance on “Mirror in Montreal,” a short and sweet instrumental that builds into a wall of sound.

All of this is tied together by vocalist Mariel Beaumont, who is emerging as one of the region’s quintessential female indie rock vocalists. Beaumont’s memorable pop melody on the bright “Pontificators” delivers the idea of casting aside unconstructive critics with a fun, cheeky tone. Other strong moments include the singer’s work on “Regression,” which can be described as properly moody and contemplative, and the hauntingly beautiful piano ballad, “Three.”

Track listing:
Better Off
Breaking Bones
Holding On
Rather Forget
Thoughts Fell
Mirror in Montreal

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