Marc Ambrosia Lets Out ‘Secret’ Video

South Jerseyan and singer-songwriter Marc Ambrosia released “Let Me Be Your Secret” — a big, shimmering single — earlier this year.

Now, how about something visual to go along with it?

Ambrosia released the official video for “Let Me Be Your Secret” this weekend. Directed and filmed by Skyler Jenkins, the video features Ambrosia in pursuit of a mysterious young woman (portrayed by Rachel Shea) who leads him on a chase from a party, into the deep woods, to the outskirts of Philadelphia, and back again.

One thing we loved about the video, in addition to the chemistry between the two leading actors, was the location selection. The bright green forest which serves as the on-screen couple’s early backdrop is truly stunning, and follows the narrative of Ambrosia’s lyrics perfectly (right down to a well-timed stone’s throw into the lake). Also, the Philadelphia skyline makes a nighttime appearance, and serves as a picturesque place for the pair to bust a move and deepen their bond.

Take a look at the full video for “Let Me Be Your Secret” below!


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