Roi and the Secret People’s “Truck Stop Sushi” Bento Box is Available

For those who have already purchased their copy of “Truck Stop Sushi,” the groundbreaking, limited edition blue vinyl EP from Roi and the Secret People, good news: Your free Bento Box is now available!

What’s a Bento Box? It’s a digital companion to “Truck Stop Sushi” full of exclusives. The Bento Box includes album artwork, select photos, and four of the EP’s tracks – studio versions of “Saturn Girl” and “Hungry,” as well as live versions of “The Ship Song” and “Sweet Maria” from the band’s WSCI Summer Concert Series in-studio performance.

If you’ve purchased “Truck Stop Sushi” and would like your free Bento Box download, send a private message to the band on Facebook containing your email address. If you haven’t purchased “Truck Stop Sushi,” you can still do so and get your hands on this exclusive digital content for free. Head on over and order your copy today!

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