BLOODMOON Releases Debut Single, ‘Rites’

Song: Rites
Released: Sept. 29, 2017
Genre: Shoegaze/Post-Hardcore/Emo

What’s so interesting about “Rites,” the debut single from BLOODMOON, is that it’s hard to define. For sure, there’s a spacey overtone reminiscent of shoegaze, but this song goes much harder than most shoegaze even contemplates. There’s certainly a punk and hardcore edge, as brought forth in the band’s distorted guitar riffs and Andrew Rutledge’s hard-charging vocals. Then, you have profound lyrics informed by the tradition of emo, and a song structure and a scream-along chorus that even contains a hint of pop accessibility.

It is this genre-bending ability that has us excited about BLOODMOON, and has us willing to go wherever this new Lehigh Valley band takes us on its ride. Check out the lyric video for “Rites” below, and stay tuned for more. We know we will!

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