Beyond the Valley: Slumlord Radio’s Banana-Armed Looting Spree

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from our friends Slumlord Radio. Last summer, this band of Michiganders approached us with their album, “Too Pretty for Tijuana,” which we happily reviewed. We’ve kept an eye on each other ever since.

Now, Slumlord Radio is back with a brand new music video that features the band trying to settle a debt, by way of a trio of dangerous women with ridiculous weapons.

“Holy Smokes” begins with the band discussing how they are going to come up with the cash they need, which leads the band to a U-Haul where our tattooed trio awaits. From there, the adventure leads to a series of armed robberies — except, in place of guns, there are bananas.

Take a look at the action rockers’ video for “Holy Smokes” below!

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