The Pavement. Take Us to ‘Louisiana’

Artist: The Pavement.
Album: Louisiana (Demo)
Released: Sept. 30, 2017
Genre: Indie/Alternative

There’s something about the downtempo indie rock vibes of Bethlehem trio The Pavement. that is just so soothing. Despite the band’s melancholy lyrical content, the band’s brand of mellow alternative will chill you out, simmering as it straddles the line between grunge and emo.

For evidence, look no further than “Louisiana,” the band’s three-track demo released at the end of September. These tracks offer us an introduction to The Pavement. that is complete with reflective sing-along choruses and song structures that are brilliant in their simplicity, and which create cathartic, introspective moments for the listener.

Track listing:
When You Sleep
Tapping on Your Window

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  • This is amazing bro I saw you preform during musik fest and loved this song then and still do now hmu sometime i preform at hava Java where Aiden works you should go sometime too

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