The Crowning Release Third Single, “She’s Running”

Stroudsburg’s The Crowning continue to amaze us with their dynamic songwriting.

You may remember that we recently reviewed the band’s first two singles, “Stay” and “Hard to Find,” two tracks that each build progressively to a big, powerful sound.

On new single, “She’s Running,” the band hits us right off the bat with a memorable guitar riff and a driving alt-rock sound that contains shades of power pop, and is perhaps the band’s most accessible release to date. Everything about frontman Micah Martin’s vocal melody is catchy, and the tune’s commanding guitars and steadfast rhythms give it a big, anthemic sound.

“She’s Running” also gives The Crowning enough released material for an EP, which the band has commemorated by releasing the single and its two preceding tracks as a three-song volume, titled “Blue.” You can listen to the whole thing below.

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