Beyond the Valley: Second Player Score Runs from ‘Liberty’s End’

Portland, OR-based pop punk trio Second Player Score has begun work on their forthcoming third album, “Glorified.” Earlier this week, they gave Facebook fans the first taste of the new record with a video for its first single, “Liberty’s End.”

The new track takes the band back a bit to its pop punk roots, departing slightly from the hard rock leanings of “Nobody’s Hero” to deliver a track inspired by the energy of 90s-era Green Day.

The video features the trio performing the song — complete with its rich, three-part harmonies and driving instrumentation — in their garage, while cutting to comedic scenes of the band running a road race where they appear to be the only participants.

Check out the video for “Liberty’s End” below and, if you want a copy of the track to call your own, all you have to do is sign up for the band’s mailing list.


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