Review: Tentative Plans – Still

Artist: Tentative Plans
Album: Still (EP)
Released: July 7, 2017
Genre: Dreampop

With their latest EP “Still,” Ambler-based indie pop duo Tentative Plans has a collection of six mostly-mellow tunes which address the changes and challenges of love.

Indeed, relationships are a prevalent theme on “Still,” with somber ballad “Not the Same” lamenting the divergent paths of two former lovers at the end of a relationship. “Disappear” occupies a similar emotional space, while being supported by a pensive groove that adds to the intensity of an atmospheric track.

Musically, “Still” has a dreamy, ambient quality dominated by cool keyboard tones, tender guitar work, and the soothing vocals of frontwoman Cait Kellagher. The guitar picking on “The Borderline” provides a nice complement to Kellagher’s melancholy over time apart from a loved one, and makes the song an intriguing candidate for a stripped-down, acoustic version. Dynamically speaking, closing track “Here” takes the cake with its powerful instrumental arrangement that provides depth to its swelling, sweet, and simple chorus.

Track listing:
Getting Out Alive
Not the Same
The Borderline

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