Lehigh Valley Underground 2017 Fan’s Choice Awards Voting Now Open

We had some intriguing nominations come through in the preliminary period of the first-ever Lehigh Valley Underground Fan’s Choice Awards. We appreciate everyone who has participated so far, and we thank you for your input.

But now, it gets real.

We have narrowed down each of our six categories to five selections apiece (except “Best Solo Performer,” because there was an honest-to-goodness three-way tie for fifth place and we didn’t want to rob anyone of their chance at immortalization). From now through Monday, November 13, you will have the chance to vote in these categories, and one winner from each will be recognized on LVU this December as part of our now-traditional Year-End Blowout Extravaganza (that’s the working title, anyway).

One last note: there is no “other” field for any of these categories. Why? Because typing in names is what nominations were for, silly.

Indeed, the scene has chosen its candidates. Now, who will stand tall among them all? Vote below!



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