Sonnder’s “Late October” Video, Brought to You a Day Late!

Sorry. We just couldn’t resist the irony that we were just behind the 8-ball enough to bring you a video for a song titled “Late October” on November 1.

Anyway, that’s the name of this new one from our friends in Philly, Sonnder, who you may remember premiered their hugely-popular video for “Not Far Enough” with us back in July, on the morning of their headline performance at Spin Me Round in Phillipsburg.

The video is directed once again by Dan Levitt, and is the latest in a series of collaborations with the band in support of its album, “Entanglement.” This time, Sonnder — comprised of Ryan Weidman (vocals/guitar), Kat Stein (keys), and Mike Liszka (drums) — stayed in-studio, surrounded by bright lights and producing soaring tones that bring to mind the faint, yet triumphant light of an autumn twilight.

Check it out below, and keep an eye and ear out for more from one of Philly’s more exciting and notable acts.

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