Review: Widow’s Work – You Were Never to Blame

Artist: Widow’s Work
Album: You Were Never to Blame (EP)
Released: Oct. 31, 2017
Genre: Alternative/Screamo

Widow’s Work has burst onto the scene recently, offering us a taste of their debut EP “You Were Never to Blame” a few weeks ago with its lead single, “Last Time We Spoke.”

Now, the EP is out into the world, and listeners can expect the same impassioned vocals and dynamic shifts that brought this band to the dance.

Indeed, “You Were Never to Blame” is the perfect accompaniment to an autumn season that continues to press on, blending powerful alternative rock instrumentation with aggressive emo sensibilities that blur the lines with hardcore.

One particular highlight is “Your Side of the Mattress,” which features a long, reflective intro that lends itself to passionate verses. The track’s drum work is noteworthy, with beats that often pound down like a heavy rain.

Track listing:
Last Time We Spoke
Mourning News
Your Side of the Mattress
Funeral Attire

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