soft idiot Premieres New Song from Second Album of 2017

Philly resident soft idiot, Justin Roth’s solo-based bedroom pop/folk brainchild, is on the heels of putting out their second (SECOND!) full-length of 2017. “Stillborn”, released in March, was one of my favorite albums of the year, DIY or otherwise. On December 8, 2017, “Rain Wins Another Year!” comes out.

To better prepare for this commendable feat, you can stream the new song “Blizzard/West Coast” from the album here and on their bandcamp. If you go directly to their bandcamp, make sure to scan through the ridiculous amount of music that’s already been put out in the last two years.

Justin has this real knack for writing upbeat and groovy music that has heavy subject matter and refreshing honesty not found in a lot of music these days. Those stark contrasts could even potentially clash with each other, but fortunate for soft idiot, that is rarely ever the case. Instead, what you get are fun tunes that are relateable, open, and honest. Songs that reveal more to you over time, after more listens, are some of my favorites, and this track is no exception.

Lyrical imagery is extremely apparent in this song. It’s a great choice for a first taste of the album, as its lyrics showcase being snowed in and staying in bed, which is perfect subject matter for a bedroom pop band releasing an album in December. It’s almost too perfect. Do you think they planned that?

We probably could have waited until 2018 for “Rain Wins Another Year!” to come out, but let’s hope that snow comes early so we can throw on this perfect winter companion, get lost in the sauce, and have it make us feel some type of way.


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