bloodmoon’s New Demo: Hard to Define, Easy on the Ears

Artist: bloodmoon
Album: Demo
Released: Nov. 11, 2017
Genre: Alternative/Post-hardcore

Lehigh Valley trio bloodmoon released their debut demo in November. Recorded and produced by Matt Molchany at Shards, the exciting six-song collection is hard to define, pulling influences from the alternative, emo, post-hardcore, and prog-rock spheres.

The band’s versatility starts with frontman Andrew Rutledge, who can bounce between singing sweetly and screaming like the devil with such ease in transition. Prime examples of this are on tracks like the previously reviewed “Rites,” as well as “Summer,” which begins as the demo’s most tender moment before bubbling up into a driving lament with heavy post-hardcore influence.

Other highlights include “Talk,” which leads off with Rutledge’s soaring refrain and has a certain, radio-ready accessibility through its distorted guitars, and “Retrograde,” a short, dark instrumental jam powered by the intricate drum work of drummer Eric Pevorus.

Stream it below!

Track listing:
Call Me Up

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