Review: Atown Slim’s “Competition is Slim II” Backs Up the Claim

Artist: Atown Slim
Album: Competition is Slim II
Released: Oct. 30, 2017
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

Atown Slim released the follow-up to “Competition is Slim” this fall, and it appears that the Allentown-based rapper may be on to something. If the new “Competition is Slim II” is any indication, it’s hard to imagine too many rappers on the scene presenting a serious challenge to his skillset.

One thing you’ll notice on “Competition is Slim II” is Atown Slim’s ability to diversify his flow, quickening the pace and adding intensity when needed (“Do What I Want”), while also delivering plenty of laid-back moments (“Hit the Moon”; “Relax”). Tracks like the pulsing “Welcome Bacc” and the particularly impassioned, anguished “She Said (ft. Cal)” are shining examples of the rapper’s ability to deliver powerful, unpredictable verses, and are among the album’s standout tracks.

“Competition is Slim II” has no shortage of strong features. Singer R3HUNNIT delivers smooth and soulful refrains throughout the record, beginning with opening track, “Home.” Another notable feature is Semmi’s appearance on “Don’t Like Me,” where the guest rapper adds plenty of additional firepower to a track with bona fide club remix potential.

Track listing:
Home (ft. R3HUNNIT)
Welcome Bacc
Show Me Love (ft. R3HUNNIT)
Same Ol’ Slim
Don’t Like Me (ft. Semmi)
Do What I Want
Paper Planes
Hit the Moon
She Said (ft. Cal)
iStill (ft. Phase Wun and R3HUNNIT)
Outta Reach (ft. Phase Wun)

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