Review: Shawn Cav’s ‘Falling Feeling’ an Ambient, Cerebral Experience

Artist: Shawn Cav
Album: Falling Feeling
Released: Dec. 8, 2017
Genre: Ambient

Shawn Cav has unveiled a brand new solo project, “Falling Feeling,” which showcases the Lehigh Valley bassist in a series of improvised and arranged ambient pieces.

A departure from the lyrical instrumentation of Shawn Cav Ensemble’s first two releases, “Glass Houses” and “Polygons,” “Falling Feeling” is experimental and atmospheric in nature, with raw, lush soundscapes that were recorded in real-time.

As a listener, I found “Falling Feeling” to be a cerebral listening experience; one that inspires thought and creativity, and which is seamless when digested in its entirety. This collection fits in just as well as the soundtrack to a study session as it would as the score of an independent film, which speaks to Shawn Cav’s ability to create a meaningful piece for anybody in a thinking mood.

Track listing:
Falling Feeling
Electric Dreams
A Strange Thing
Take 9
Moon and Stars

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