Review: John Hufford Expands His Horizons on ‘Sleep’

Artist: John Hufford
Album: Sleep
Released: Dec. 14, 2017
Genre: Folk/Alternative

Singer-songwriter John Hufford has taken a creative step forward with “Sleep,” a five-track, immensely-layered EP that pushes past traditional folk boundaries.

Hufford’s sense of experimentation is apparent from the start, beginning with opening track, “It Kicks,” which features heavy reverb and a strong electronic undertone that supports Hufford’s folk sensibilities and remains prevalent throughout the EP.

Other highlights include “You’re Not Here Now,” a mid-tempo stomper powered by the pounding beat of a drum machine. The track also features an ending refrain which repeats the song’s title and is a strong sing-along candidate at live performances. Meanwhile, closing and title track “Sleep” is underscored by Hufford’s trademark, intricate guitar picking while the rhythm section keeps things pulsing along.

Track listing:
It Kicks
You’re Not Here Now

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