Andorra’s ‘What You Wanted, What You Got’ Takes Band to New Heights

Artist: Andorra
Album: What You Wanted, What You Got
Released: November 21, 2017
Genre: Alternative

Philly alternative rockers Andorra released their second full-length album, “What You Wanted, What You Got,” back in November. In doing so, they’ve showcased their versatility with a collection of songs that is full of big choruses, swaggering guitars, and a solid helping of unexpected moments.

“What You Wanted, What You Got” begins with “Hunting Season,” a loud, dynamic opener which lets guitarist Dante DiLoreto flex his muscles with work that is reminiscent of a pop-infused Avenged Sevenfold. Things stay heavier on “Four Corners,” a driving rock song that hits hard, yet remains accessible and radio-ready.

The band’s pop rock sensibilities continue to shine on “Habits,” which also contains a bit of punk edge in its isolated chorus (“You dropped me like a bad habit / How do I forget that?”), as well as on “Diagnose Me,” which makes catchy and lyrical use of a talkbox and contains a fun, loungey outro as an Easter Egg.

Things get quite intriguing on the back end of the record, with “String Me Along,” a bossa nova-inspired track that is dripping with romance, followed immediately by “Brother,” a tender lament about growing apart, complete with sweet vocals and a theremin appearance. Then, album closer “Can’t Run Forever” is broken up into two movements; the first, driven by piano and made complete by a string quartet (produced and recorded by bassist/multi-instrumentalist Michael Trycieckyj), and the second, a soaring rock anthem featuring a particularly strong performance from DiLoreto. Indeed, these three tracks take “What You Wanted, What You Got” to a higher level, and put Andorra in a position to go in any exciting direction they choose from here.

Track listing:
Hunting Season
Four Corners
(A Bad Taste) Boulders
Indian Queen
In Limbo
Diagnose Me
String Me Along
Can’t Run Forever

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