Did You Have as Good a Year as Maverick da Roninn?

With the end of 2017 just mere hours away, it’s time to reflect.

For Bethlehem-based nerdcore rapper Maverick da Roninn, there’s plenty to be proud of heading into the New Year.

Maverick da Roninn released “Buster Sword” on Thursday night. Produced by Richie Branson, the track recounts the rapper’s many highlights throughout the year, ranging from his new music, to meeting personal heroes, to family milestones, to being featured on a certain local media outlet (that fun little Easter egg happens around 1:17…).

Check it out below, and enjoy it as one of our parting gifts as we wave goodbye to 2017. Hopefully, the good times continue to roll for Maverick da Roninn and everyone else on our music scene in 2018.



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