Beyond the Valley: The Screaming Hearts’ “Forced Composure”

Artist: The Screaming Hearts
Album: Forced Composure
Released: August 19, 2017
Genre: Rock

Rock and rollers The Screaming Hearts come to us from western Massachusetts, bringing with them “Forced Composure,” a three-track EP of straight-ahead rock and roll with some interesting wrinkles in the mix.

The band is fronted by singer/guitarist Kelsey Veillette, whose vocals are reminiscent of Paramore’s Hayley Williams, but with shades of jazz, R&B, and folk mixed in. The former two influences are present on opening track “Sheets,” a soulful and highly-accessible rock tune about falling in love (or lust), while the brief, unexpected spoken word verse of title track “Forced Composure” adds a folk storyteller’s edge, calling to mind the solo work of Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida.

Middle track “It Was You” is a clever bit of songwriting. What begins as a bright, mid-tempo pop rock song sees Veillette seemingly become more desperate for the object of her affection as it goes on, with the pleading “Say you love me” outro being a moment of particular anguish.

Track listing:
It Was You
Forced Composure


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