New in 2018: Neil Grover Drops Powerful New Single, ‘Politics’

Artist: Neil Grover
Song: Politics
Released: Jan. 4, 2017
Genre: Rock/Pop

For months, singer-songwriter Neil Grover has been playing his new single, “Politics,” at gigs throughout the Lehigh Valley.

On Thursday, Grover released the studio version of the song – and its full sound has revealed its true power!

An angsty ode to job dissatisfaction, the lyrical content of “Politics” carries the tension of a man who has had enough of being undervalued. Helping this tension to boil over even further is Grover’s pointed vocal melody, which is delivered with conviction, while incorporating the singer’s trademark soul and smoothness.

Instrumentally, “Politics” consists of many layers. A funky bassline and chugging, clean electric guitars provides nice support to the staccato of Grover’s acoustic guitar. Meanwhile, synths that creep into the pre-chorus add to the sonic tension, and make this song an interesting candidate for a club remix (imagine a bunch of 9-to-5ers, frustrated with their jobs, going crazy when “Politics” drops on a Friday night).

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