New in 2018: Kill the Broadcast Guitarist Justin Fava Releases Solo Single, ‘Flutterfall’

Artist: Justin Fava
Song: Flutterfall
Released: Jan. 8, 2018
Genre: Rock/Alternative

Next Friday, January 19, you’ll hear new Kill the Broadcast guitarist Justin Fava shred the night away (if you get tickets soon, that is…).

While you wait for the epic celebration to take place, however, you can hear Justin right now!

The guitarist released a single, “Flutterfall,” on his Bandcamp page. The slightly-dark, rainy day bass groove underscores the ambient nature of the verses, which alternate with a high-powered, guitar driven chorus.

The dynamic shifts continue late into the song, with a blistering guitar solo placed smack in the middle of a melodic outro. Check it out below!


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