Review: Red Light Runners Pull Out All the Stops on Debut

24068690_1696762757065061_2425482276363344104_oArtist: Red Light Runners
Album: Self-titled
Released: Nov. 12, 2017
Genre: Rock/Blues/Jam

Red Light Runners released their self-titled debut toward the tail end of 2017. True to the band’s name, the eight-song collection contains plenty of moments of fast-moving, no holds barred rock and roll.

The album begins with “All Your Life,” which is as strong as an opening as you’ll find on a recent release. A catchy riff and a blistering solo from lead axeman Rory Glass set the tone for the record. The guitarist also shines on “Ride to Roswell,” which veers more into 70s and 80s classic rock territory, as well as on an extended, scorching solo in “Take It Back.”

There are plenty of interesting moments to be had on the debut. “Shelter From the Storm” features keys from Josh Rapleje that set an ominous tone to a song about facing down demons in uncertain times. Meanwhile, the aforementioned “Take It Back” is a bluesy waltz that shifts dynamically into overdrive around the 3:15 mark, while aptly-titled closer “End of the Line” progresses through numerous influences, including jam and even a little bit of funk.

Track listing:
All Your Life
Blue Change
Parallel Wreck
Ride to Roswell
Shelter From the Storm
Steel So Cold
Take It Back
End of the Line

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