New in 2018: VICTIM’s “The Storm” Offers a Harrowing Look at Addiction

VICTIM is preparing to release its long-awaited, hotly-anticipated album “No Remedy” later this winter — and the band has offered us another glimpse into the record with “The Storm,” a tumultuous track featuring some of frontman Cris Moser’s most deeply personal lyrics.

Described by the band as “an in-depth account of life as a recovering junkie and the constant fear of a relapse,” “The Storm” begins with despondent tones as Moser’s voice sounds shaken in anticipation of approaching demons.

From there, “The Storm” rages on to become increasingly heavy and more chaotic, with accompanying lyrics that represent the struggle and anxiety associated with having troubles seemingly waiting around every corner.

Listen to “The Storm” below, and come back to LVU later this week as we preview “No Remedy” in its entirety and tell you how you can pre-order the album.


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