Review: The Cryptkeeper Five’s Modern Vintage Delight, ‘Balboa’

Hailing from Trenton, NJ, bombastic punks The Cryptkeeper Five released their latest album, “The Stronghold,” back in September.

While scrolling through Facebook, we caught notice of one of the album’s singles, “Balboa” — and we’re glad we did!

“Balboa” begins with a booming drumbeat, a Celtic-punk influenced guitar riff, and crisp vocal harmonies that old-time rock and roll to mind. From there, the tune takes a powerfully defiant turn when frontman Johnny Ott’s lead vocal comes in to tell a story of a defiant, fighting spirit befitting of the song’s namesake.

One more note: be sure to listen closely for a tasteful horn accent that presents a touch of ska influence. Check it out below!

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