The Beautiful Distortion Set Hearts Ablaze with ‘Gasoline’

The Beautiful Distortion is back for 2018 with “Gasoline,” a dynamic modern rock single sure to keep listeners hooked.

The single’s sonic peaks and valleys ebb and flow seamlessly between the downtempo and melancholy, and the defiant and powerful. “Gasoline” eases in with a slow, steady drum beat and layered, clean guitars before showcasing the impeccable vocal work of the Jones Sisters, Amy and Karen. The pair’s harmonies are crisp and haunting, with support on the chorus from male counterpart Dave Doll. All the while, the tune builds in intensity and emotion, with the flood gates opening with a big-time guitar solo during the instrumental break at the 2:57 mark.

Check out “Gasoline” below – it’s sure to set your heart ablaze!

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