‘Modern Classical’ Couple Prepares Duo Release

Local musicians Anita and Dan DeChellis are preparing to release their new improvisational duo recording, titled “Do You Mind.” To celebrate, the couple will hold a special listening party this Saturday at 8 p.m. at Connexions Gallery in Easton.

The pair – who met 27 years ago as music students at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC – have been creating their own brand of “Modern Classical” improvisations together ever since their college days,

“I asked her to try improvising many times, and she was quite apprehensive about it,” Dan DeChellis noted. “One day I got her into a practice room, put a blank sheet of staff paper in front of her and asked her to “imagine the notes.” I began playing and she slowly joined. We’ve doing been this together ever since.”

Since then, Dan (piano) and Anita (voice) have teamed up on four improvised recordings on their Sachimay Records label, which they founded in 1996. “Do You Mind” will be their first effort strictly as a duo.

The 11-track offering was developed in the moment, with no prior discussion.

“We sat in the driveway of our house in the minivan and listened to the entire thing afterwards. It was a good day,” DeChellis recalled. “We are very proud of this work, and hope people will approach with an open mind and an understanding that music is a language.”

“Anita and I have been friends for a long time,” he continued. “This is what happens when we speak together in our second language.”

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