Review: Stoney Run Group’s Self-titled Debut

Artist: Stoney Run Group
Album: Self-titled
Released: Oct. 13, 2017
Genre: Alternative Rock

Hailing from the Berks County town that gives them their name, Stoney Run Group’s debut full-length album is a mesh of genres and styles that showcases the quartet’s unyielding versatility.

There’s a little something for everyone on the self-titled effort, with southern rock, blues, and even a little old-time country sneaking through on tracks like “Black Rice” and “Before the Moment’s Gone.” Stretching beyond those genres, “All the Reasons” is an intriguing, reggae-influenced listen with a jazz-pop vocal from Marie Defillips, while things take an uptempo turn with “Only Waiting for You,” complete with funky rhythms and a cheery, dance rock overtone.

Two must-listen tracks: “Sinners and Saints,” which strikes a balance between a slow, funky groove and a wailing lead vocal to find something of an anthemic quality. The track is polished with a glaze coat of psychedelia through the fuzzy guitar work of axe man Colin Wolf. To conclude the album, “Red Car” is the perfect “sum of all parts” for the record; a bit fuzzy and a touch funky, complete with reggae and blues accents.

Track listing:
Black Rice
All the Reasons
Only Waiting for You
To the Heart
Nothing to Go Unsaid
Throw It All Away
Sinners and Saints
Before the Moment’s Gone
Red Car

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