Beyond the Valley: Kyle & the Pity Party Set to Bring ‘Home’ to the Valley

Artist: Kyle & the Pity Party
Album: Home
Released: Feb. 3, 2018
Genre: Alternative Rock

When new wave-meets-shoegaze alt rockers Kyle & the Pity Party come down from upstate New York to party with us and four other acts at Color Me Mine Lehigh Valley this Saturday, they’ll do so in support of their newest release, “Home.”

The four-track EP, hot off the presses, carries heavy influence from bands like The Cure, with more modern comparisons able to be made, at times, to No Devotion or The Killers’ early work. We get our first taste of this on “Neon Lights,” whose opening drum beat and distorted guitars lead us into an ambient dreamland.

On “Indigo,” a lonely, distorted strum sets an urgent tone; a tension that only builds thanks to the tandem of a clean guitar riff and frontman Kyle McDonough’s vocal pattern, which somewhat recalls the darker moments of The Killers’ “Hot Fuss” era. We head further into shoegaze territory on “My Car,” which holds a nice contrast between the shimmer of the lead guitar and McDonough’s world-weary vocal, before closing with the big, atmospheric “Winona Forever,” whose descending guitar riff feels as though it’s falling to Earth before catching a second wind.

Track listing:
Neon Lights
My Car
Winona Forever

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