Lisa’s Lens: Uriah Heep at Musikfest Cafe

I didn’t know much about Uriah Heep heading into Tuesday night. All I knew is that I signed up for a concert photography class through ArtsQuest, and that the “final exam” was the chance to photograph the band during their Musikfest Café performance that night.

I was surprised to learn Uriah Heep has been around the block. The progressive metal band has been touring and making music – 25 albums worth – for 49 years, with lead guitarist Mick Box serving for the entire duration of that time.

I also learned that their following is as dedicated as ever, with a predominantly male audience showing up on Tuesday night to pay homage to the band’s body of work, from 1970’s “…Very ‘eavy… ‘Very ‘umble” to now.

This was a lot of fun. Both the class and the concert that followed gave me the opportunity to challenge myself and apply some of the techniques I had just learned, as I got to know the music of one of prog rock’s giants. Take a look through my lens below.



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