Review: Mosey Beat Soars to Exciting Heights with ‘Flight’

Artist: Mosey Beat
Album: Flight
Released: 2017
Genre: Jam/Funk/Progressive

Back in August, we saw funky Lehigh Valley jam band Mosey Beat perform on a beautiful Tuesday night at the Provident Bank Main Street stage at Musikfest. It was there that bassist Dave Abraham estimated that approximately 75% of their live performances are improvised.

This stands out to me months later, because the band’s fluid musical motion seems well-crafted enough to be rehearsed, yet unpredictable enough to keep things interesting. Such is the case with the band’s debut full-length album, “Flight.”

Indeed, there’s a distinct experimental quality to this collection, as the ideas presented on “Flight” do indeed soar to unpredictable heights. Extended jams like “Eastern Rise” showcase Mosey Beat’s innate ability to riff on an idea and take the listener on an exciting journey, while still remembering to come back full circle. Even on a more structured tune like the title track, “Flight,” the band showcases its affinity for nuance and intricacy, inventing its own world with complex beats from drummer Blair O’Connor and Taylor O’Connor’s classic-rock tinged guitar.

Other highlights include “Just Another Groovin’ Space Cadet,” which maintains that unpredictability, lays down a healthy dose of funk, and adds a glaze coat of Taylor’s hip hop chops, which call to mind the rap side of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis. Also notable are the cool reggae vibes of “Still Breathin’,” which will give the listener visions of transporting to a tropical island, pina colada-in-hand, before kicking things into a keyboard-driven overdrive.

Track listing:
Equal Sight
Eastern Rise
Karmic Factory
Generation Infiltration
Miso Soup
Intergalactic Funk
Just Another Groovin’ Space Cadet
Still Breathin’
Death By Swine


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