LVU Review-A-Palooza: Houston & the Dirty Rats’ “Pity Date”

Houston & the Dirty Rats have been hard at work, touring the nation for most of 2018 up until this point. Even so, they’ve still found time to document their exploits!

For evidence, look no further than the band’s new video for their song, “Pity Date.” The video contains footage of the punks performing at Lehigh Valley locations including Sportsmen’s Lounge in Allentown, Mother’s in Easton, and Nazareth Jacksonian Club in addition to various locations throughout New York, New Jersey, and Burlington, Vermont.

Sonically, “Pity Date” is another example of Houston & the Dirty Rats’ high-energy punk sound, with a big, anthemic chorus and a certain pop punk accessibility sure to make it appeal to broad audiences. The track is available for purchase on FlexiDisc and CD at the band’s live shows, as well as at Spin Me Round Records, located at 1200 U.S. 22 inside of the Phillipsburg Mall in New Jersey in the Phillipsburg Mall. The track will be released electronically this month.

Catch Houston & the Dirty Rats when they return to the region this spring. The band will perform at The Pickering Creek Inn in Phoenixville on Sunday, March 18, followed by an appearance at Lancaster, PA’s Chameleon Club as part of LAUNCH Music Conference on Saturday, April 14. The band will open that night for War on Women, with the evening beginning at 7 p.m.

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