LVU Review-a-Palooza: NyteXing Showcases Dynamic Collaborations on Feature-Heavy ‘Side Missions 2’

Artist: NyteXing
Album: Side Missions 2
Released: Feb. 22, 2018
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop/Nerdcore

NyteXing released the first full-length project under his current name with “Side Missions 2,” a robust, 16-track mixtape featuring a slew of collaborating artists.

Each track on “Side Missions 2” features NyteXing alongside another performer, each of whom adds a unique energy to this collection. Examples of this include opening track “Dragons,” which comes out of the gates swinging and featuers a fun, melodic verse from Seis the 6th Element. Ensuing track “Gems” features an upbeat, slick instrumental and a supporting verse from Mystic Elder Miakis, who channels his inner Kanye West in one of the mixtape’s more memorable moments.

A particularly well-crafted segment of “Side Missions 2” features three tracks revolving around relationships. The smooth vibe of “Courting” featuring Jhony Allen West is followed by “Take You Out,” a rap duet featuring FrivolousShara that showcases heavy R&B sensibility and serves as something of an audible “afterparty” to its predecessor. Then, “Faded” contains a refrain from Devin Hailey which takes things even deeper into R&B territory.

Another standout moment is “Stay in My Lane” ft. ish1da, a track which NyteXing uses to prove a point that he can’t be pigeonholed, and to hint at his newer, more serious persona. The track’s instrumental also leaps out of the box by featuring rock, electronic, and hip hop samples, while the feature from ish1da is one of the most intriguing on the album in its versatile and erratic delivery.

Track listing:
Dragons ft. Seis the 6th Element
Gems ft. Mystic Elder Miakis
Twister ft. MegaRan
Living Legend ft. Rhyme Artist
All Night ft. SLRXFLR
Goals ft. Jason Morgan
Nightwings and MoonKnights 2 ft. Statis
IGO ft. Shofu
Courting ft. Jhony Allen West
Take You Out ft. FrivolousShara
Faded ft. Devin Hailey
On the Run ft. GenWorldGaming
Stay in My Lane ft. ish1da
For the Culture ft. Devin Hailey
Soul ft. Shiki Tohno
For the Last Time ft. Flxtch and Jaqkel

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