LVU Review-a-Palooza: The Hook – “Moonshine & Honey”

Artist: The Hook
Album: Moonshine & Honey
Released: March 12, 2018
Genre: Roots/Rock/Reggae

After much anticipation, Bethlehem-based quartet The Hook has released their full-length debut, “Moonshine & Honey.”

“Moonshine & Honey” is dedicated to the memory of frontman Carlos Barata’s father, João, and is, in the band’s own words, “the result of coming full circle and coming to terms with yourself. From start to finish, we hope to spread some positivity through music that’s authentic, accessible, and makes you feel good.”

Upon review, we can tell you that the album hits all of those spots well!

Take the radio-friendly accessibility of mainstream alternative rock and the cool, breezy vibes of reggae, and blend them together with the crafty musicianship of roots, and you have “Moonshine & Honey.” The Hook comes out with a big right hook (pun intended) with “Precipitate,” an upbeat and super-strong opening sure to be a favorite during live performances. Follow-up track “Live It Up” is a true highlight, complete with beautiful, multi-layered harmonies and an especially catchy melody from Barata. The track serves an anthemic continuation of the opener’s good vibes, and an ode to living the most fulfilling life possible.

As enthusiasts of hybrid genres, we can also appreciate the band infusing its style with punk energy on “Go Getter,” as well as the darker, dance rock grooves of “Take Control.” The album’s zenith, however, is closing track “Far At All,” a slow-building, ambient conclusion that ascends climactically into a wall of sound before gently tapering off, tying up “Moonshine & Honey” with a perfect bow.

Track listing:
Live It Up
Get My Own
Be Like Johnny
Go Getter
Good Feels
Take Control
Brand New
You Don’t Know What You Do to Me
Moonshine & Honey
Deep Blue
Far At All

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