Review: Neil Grover’s ‘Whoa’ EP Features Catchy Tunes, Big Hooks

Artist: Neil Grover
Album: Whoa (EP)
Released: April 17, 2018
Genre: Pop/Alternative

Pop singer-songwriter Neil Grover worked for months perfecting his debut EP, “Whoa,” prior to its release.

The effort paid off, with five tracks rooted in modern pop accessibility and complete with big hooks and layered instrumentals.

Preceded by the smooth, sensitive vibe of the title track, as well as the pointed, powerful “Politics,” the “Whoa” EP also boasts the swaggering “Don’t Give a Damn Anymore,” which features a bombastic horn intro and intricate vocal pattern that speaks to the defiance of a man on a mission.

The EP also touches on relationships, with the catchy, slickly layered “Inside Out” observing a fickle woman in her quest for love over a particularly cool, atmospheric undercurrent. Meanwhile, EP closer “Sometimes” is a tender ballad that serves as an open letter to Grover’s parents for their support through the good, bad, and ugly.

Track listing:
Don’t Give a Damn Anymore
Inside Out

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