Beyond the Valley: Elaine Rasnake’s ‘Breathe Again’ Out Now

Much of Elaine Rasnake’s earlier recordings are characterized by the merging of both acoustic folk and sampled electronic influences.

Her latest album, Breathe Again, finds the singer-songwriter blending these disparate influences more seamlessly than ever and discovering a sound that is unmistakably personal and expressive.

Out since May 1, Breathe Again is the narrative of a woman overcoming her fears and anxieties and finally coming back to herself after years of depression.

“This album is about the journey of finding a space, physical and mental, where you can truly be at ease,” Rasnake said, “where taking a breath won’t make you feel like you are taking up too much space.

“It is about finding love and never losing yourself. And above all, it is a reminder to always take chances. Be bold and daring.”

Written and recorded by Rasnake in her home studio, the production mirrors this story with the intimate sense that can only come from an artist exploring musical and lyrical themes and ideas in the comfort of their own space.

The album is currently available at

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