Smash Your (Least) Favorite Electronic Device in Leaders in the Clubhouse’s New Video

San Diego-based pop rockers Leaders in the Clubhouse were guests on The Balcony Show this past Wednesday night on WLVU: The Sound of The Underground, and they unveiled a new, interactive idea for their upcoming music video for their song, “These Goddamn Devices.”

The concept? To recruit their fans to grab the electronic devices that are the bane of their existence… and destroy them!

The band is looking for a total of 30 video submissions from fans who have had enough of their electronics. Fans are encouraged to shoot a video of themselves destroying their device of choice, which can be anything from cell phones and laptops, to TVs, toasters, and more!

Interested fans are encouraged to submit their videos to band co-founder Spud Davenport (, who will select lucky winners to be featured in the video.

Have a listen to “These Goddamn Devices,” from Leaders in the Clubhouse’s debut album “Won,” below.

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