Ready for Adventure? Marc Ambrosia’s “World With You” Releases May 18

South Jersey-based singer-songwriter Marc Ambrosia has announced the May 18 global release of “World with You, his foot stomping pop jam single which follows up previous single releases, “Let Me Be Your Secret” and “One Step Back.”

Adventure and romance consume “World with You.” Ambrosia cuts loose here, showcasing his knack for writing big, fun, accessible pop songs. Featuring the slick guitar funk of The Wayside Shakeup‘s Chris D’Antonio and co-production by Jamie Myerson, Ambrosia sings feverishly about exploring the world with someone you’re falling in love with.

“This is one of those songs from long ago that I never recorded, but went back to and re-crafted,” says Marc. “I was probably 15 or 16 when I first wrote it. The lyrics weren’t very good, but it had a groove I couldn’t keep away from. Finally, last year, I went back and re-wrote the verses, but still stayed true to why I wrote the song in the first place. At the time, I was young and falling in love with my best friend. We were up late one night talking about how badly we both wanted to go to Italy. Later that night, I drove her home then wrote this song.”

“World with You” will be released worldwide on May 18, 2018!. Keep tabs on Marc Ambrosia by visiting his official website.

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