Tonight, We Rock

In January, just after our 2nd Birthday Spectacular at SteelStacks, and with 2018 still in its infancy, we were approached with the opportunity to put a stage together at this weekend’s Great Pennsylvania Music and Arts Celebration (PennMArt).

The instructions were clear: curate a lineup that pays homage to the history and traditions of rock and roll, with the modern flair to appeal to today’s audiences. Something that would rock then and RockNOW!

And so, the concept of tonight’s RockNOW! showcase — set to begin at 4 p.m. inside of the historic Allentown Fairgrounds Agri-Plex — was born, and it didn’t take long for the lineup to come together in our minds.

The captivating, dynamic rock soundscapes and outstanding live stage performance of Easton-based Roi and the Secret People made them an obvious choice. This isn’t our first rodeo with RSP, and we know that, if we need an enthralling, rock and roll performance, there’s an excellent chance that they’ll be game to deliver it every time.

I mentioned that, when this idea was first hatched, we were coming fresh off our our 2nd Birthday Spectacular. Featured that night alongside Dear Anna and Kara Hartzell were a recently-returned Kill the Broadcast, whose unique alt-progressive sound was interesting enough, yet accessible enough to keep 100+ people inside SteelStacks’ Blast Furnace Room — most of whom had never heard the band before — rapt in attention on January 19. We decided they would be a perfect companion on this bill to RSP — and tonight, we think you’ll leave feeling the same way.

Those bands rock in the present. But… what about the future? We wanted to give a spot to one of the Valley’s many outstanding youth performers and, for a night like this, we knew to call on Julia Sommer. With a powerhouse voice and a knack beyond her years for honoring the traditions of rock and roll, we knew that the Charter Arts senior could give us a great start to the night…

after, of course, our Sunday Discovery Stage winner. As of this moment, you could be signing up for a chance to join these three performers inside of the Allentown Fairgrounds Agri-Plex tonight. The winner of today’s Lehigh Valley Underground Discovery Stage — on the Farmerama Stage, Liberty St. side of the Fairgrounds — will open the evening at 4 p.m., and will join Saturday winner Amojo and others as part of the Lehigh Valley Underground Discovery Showcase on Monday afternoon from 12-3 p.m.

Oh… and did we mention it’s free to get in? Well, it is.

Join us tonight for an unforgettable night of rock and roll. See you there!



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