WATCH: Pentley Holmes Returns with ‘A Good Friend of Mine’

Local soul singer Pentley Holmes has spent a great deal of time traveling the country, all while working on follow-up material to his heralded release, “Rip Out My Heart.”

Last week, Holmes came back into the fold, releasing a video for his new single, “A Good Friend of Mine.” The video, shot in Easton and produced by Holmes’ own Semloh Productions, features a woman stuck in a cycle of misfortune and questionable decisions that she can’t seem to break, despite those around her attempting to steer her the right way.

Sonically, Holmes speaks as well with his guitar as he does with his always-smooth voice, conveying a sense of comfort to those questioning their own actions with every emotional note and chord.

Holmes shares a personal account of “A Good Friend of Mine” and what it means to him below.

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