LVU Wants to Know What You’d Improve About Our Music Scene

I was inspired by some social media conversations this morning. Some I witnessed, and others I experienced. Collectively, they left me with the question…

“What can we do better as a music community?”

Certainly, great things are happening almost every day around here. Progress is being made toward providing more meaningful opportunities, for all involved. However, no situation is ever perfect. In order to grow, we must take a good, honest look at the holes in our game, and figure out what we can do to improve upon them. I’ve been thinking about this question a lot lately, as I think about the future of LVU and what we can do better as an individual organization.

In this context, though, I mean all of us — musicians, venues, promoters, and everyone else. What do we need to improve upon, collectively as a community, to ensure that the Lehigh Valley’s music scene continues to grow into something vibrant and valuable to those who call it home?

I leave this open-ended, because I want to know what you think the problems and challenges are. However, if you’re going to offer those, offer a solution, as well. Let’s start a meaningful dialogue that will start to push our community forward!

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