LVU New Release Radar: Week of July 9

At Lehigh Valley Underground, we believe that sharing is caring. So, let’s try something new around here: let’s round up some new releases from local artists you may or may not have heard.

These aren’t reviews. Perhaps that will come later. For now, we just want to give you a first listen to some of the new tunes making their way into the scene this week.

Maybe we’ll even make a weekly thing out of this. Who knows? Let’s start with…

Artist: Hill Climb Music
Title: South Mountain Ritual (EP)
Released: July 7, 2018
Notes: Summer Scouts guitarist Ross Huber steps away from his band’s trademark power pop sound in favor of something rustic and rootsy, with shades of outlaw country.

Artist: Stasis
Title: Believe
Released: July 6, 2018
Notes: This is actually a re-release… from 2010. It’s an encouraging sign from a band that has been dormant for a bit and, not to start rumors, could potentially hint at more down the road?

Artist: NyteXing
Title: The Vigilant
Released: July 7, 2018
Notes: The prolific Bethlehem-based nerdcore rapper isn’t done releasing new material in 2018 by any stretch. In fact, we have it on good authority that you can expect something new from now until the end of the year, on any date when the numbers of the month and day match… (8/8, 9/9, etc.)

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