LVU New Release Radar: Best Hit TV’s Debut; HEADEYE Unleashed

We’re back with another edition of the New Release Radar, highlighting the new music you need to know about in the Lehigh Valley — and occasionally beyond.

Today, we actually start “beyond,” though with the band of a former Lehigh Valley resident who released a debut LP…

Artist: Best Hit TV
Title: Being Emotionally Manipulative Isn’t Very Punk Rock of You
Released: July 20, 2018
Notes: This Newark, NJ-based trio — who performed at the May 2018 edition of #LVUFirstFriday — recorded its experimental noise pop debut in true DIY fashion, entirely inside of its own rehearsal space. Best Hit TV is headed by Andrew Sheldon, a former Easton resident and contributor to our local music community.

Title: N/A (Live debut)
Released: July 21, 2018
Notes: This isn’t a “release” in the traditional sense, but notable nonetheless, as it’s the latest project of local keyboardist/mad scientist Jason Hedrington, who you might know from his work with Roi and the Secret People, Gonzo Project, and others. The preview we’ve been given here — taken during the project’s debut this past Saturday at Pearly Baker’s in Easton — is equal parts spacey, experimental, and whimsical, and features decorated bassist Shawn Cav. Take a look and have a listen.

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