Ralph’s Reviews: Andrew Dunn – The House Above The Factory

Andrew Dunn’s “The House Above The Factory” is a magical journey through life’s ups and downs, told in a way only Andrew Dunn can. The musical arrangements, the lyrics, and the excellent harmonies throughout the album are a true joy to listen to. The title track tells the story of life-changing events that alter the plans you laid when settling in to your first house, and how a house becomes a home.

Two other tracks on this album stood out above the rest to me, taking nothing away from the others. “Ten Feet High” is a look at life through the eyes of an aspiring musician chasing a sometimes elusive dream, but pressing on nonetheless. “This Is My Husband’s Car” is the poignant tale of a dying man’s refusal to let go of a prize possession, and a loving wife’s commitment to keep it through his final days.

You can find “The House Above The Factory” as well as Andrew’s other release, “I Am” at Apple Music. Follow him on Facebook and, if you have the opportunity to see Andrew perform live, take it. It is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Have a watch and a listen below!

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