PHOTOS: Musikfest 2018, Day 6 (Lots of Locals!)

We dedicated our Day 6 Musikfest coverage to mostly local performers, many of whom were performing on the festival’s South Side on Wednesday night.

We joined familiar faces to Lehigh Valley audiences like theLionhearted, Cass Noelle, January Noon, and Water Street, while also enjoying parts of incredible performances from the likes of sister duo Nalani & Sarina, Philly jazz funk trio Hambone Relay, and boundlessly energetic blues guitar virtuoso Eric Gales for a night that left us feeling amazed.

Hopefully, the photos reflect what we saw and heard for you. There’s still plenty more to come for Musikfest 2018!

Nalani & Sarina (Flemington, NJ)

theLionhearted (Lehigh Valley, PA)

Hambone Relay (Philadelphia, PA)

Cass Noelle (Lehigh Valley, PA)

January Noon (Lehigh Valley, PA)

Water Street (Blairstown, NJ)

Eric Gales (Greensboro, NC)

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